Hi, I'm John Vincent...

John Vincent Magician I have over 12 years experience of performing as a professional magician and mind reader. During this time I have been all over the UK, and on some occasions overseas, for all kinds of events. I have appeared on T.V. (a couple of times), bumped shoulders with a few celebrities, and been to some wonderful venues and places.

At the beginning of my career as a professional magician I performed at over 200 events a year, this gave me an enormous amount of experience working in professional environments as an entertainer.

I first began performing Magic at 11, of course this wasn't corporate hospitality or weddings in palaces... the 'kid's magician' image stopped seeming 'cool' to me by the time I was sixteen and my love of music took me into a different area of the entertainment industry.

John Vincent MagicianWhilst I learnt close-up magic as a hobby, my love of music had me performing in my own bands and as a session musician. Working as a session musician gave me the opportunity to play some great venues, and record in some amazing studios. I also owned a recording studio and worked as a producer of both guitar based and electronic music.

During the mid nineties I began to follow my interest in hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P), persuasion, meditation and many other 'mind skills'. In January 2005 I was chosen to join a team of assistants working for Paul McKenna PhD and Dr Richard Bandler. This has given me both the opportunity to deepen my learning as well to provide support to Paul and Richard at N.L.P, Hypnosis and Personal Development workshops and seminars. These have ranged from a couple of hundred people in small venues to large events at The Excel Centre and Wembley Stadium with NLP Life Training.

John Vincent MagicianMore recently, I have written a book focusing on the practical applications of Suggestion and Influence Techniques for magicians and mind readers; as well as becoming a creator of techniques and magic effects that are being performed by hobbyists and professionals around the world.

Whilst I involve myself in other creative projects, such as music, hypnosis, trance, personal change, magic and more; I continue to perform as a magician and mind reader on a weekly basis at weddings, corporate events, and private dining functions.

Above all, I still continue to enjoy performing.

If you are interested in seeing me bring my magic to your event, get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, John Vincent.